7 Spirited Solo Female Travelers to Follow

solo female travelers

solo female travelers

7 Spirited Solo Female Travelers To Follow

If you’re anything like me, you love reading about other solo female travelers. I mean, I doubt I would be traveling on my own through Central America if it wasn’t for Googling the phrase “solo female travelers.” That’s quite literally what I typed into my computer one March two years ago.

What followed was me scrolling through page after page of blogs by solo female travelers like Alex of Alex in Wanderland, Kate of Adventurous Kate, and Flora of Flora the Explorer. I spent a lot of time in those first few weeks reading everything I could about these mystical women who traveled the world full time by themselves! Reading about them going it alone truly gave me the courage to step out and explore the world myself.

On Galentine’s Day, I reached out to you guys via Twitter and Facebook, and got a lot of great nominations for solo female travelers to follow. Using your nominees as well as some ladies I have been following for a while, I bring to you 7 more spirited solo female travelers for you to follow on their journeys around the globe!

1. Gloria of The Blog Abroad

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Gloria from The Blog Abroad

Gloria has been traveling solo since 2013, and she has no plans to stop soon! In her words “I officially live out of a suitcase. Some might call that homeless, but I’m now embracing every corner of the world as my home.” As someone who frequently says she lives “Nowhere and everywhere!” I can totally get behind Gloria’s mission to find home wherever her feet land. Gloria posts about travel tips, being mistaken for Serena Williams, and, in the same vein, traveling as a woman of color. She even wrote an E-Book called From Excuses To Excursions, How I Started Traveling The World,” where she goes even more in depth on how she was able to live life on her own terms.

2. Katie of Hummingbird Away

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Katie from Hummingbird Away

Katie’s first adventure outside of the United States where she grew up was to rural India. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is! After graduating college she moved to Thailand to teach English, and then to Australia to take advantage of their Working Holiday Visa. Now she’s making her way around Southeast Asia. Katie focuses on slow travel, which I’m a huge advocate of, and the best places to find pristine nature, interesting culture, and good food! Also check out her guides to the Working Holiday Visa in Australia!

3. Erica of Girl, Unspotted

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Erica from Girl, Unspotted

Erica, born in the Philippines and currently living there, is actually married! Even though she’s happily married, Erica is an advocate for solo female travel, and often does it herself! Last year, she went on a one month solo backpacking trip around Southeast Asia. She talks about her experience being a married solo female traveler here. Erica thinks, and I agree, that even if you’re in a relationship, solo travel is majorly beneficial. Head over to her blog for valuable info on travel in general and plenty of gorgeous beach pics. Oh, and did I mention she’s a mermaid?

4. Alice of Teacake Travels

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Alice from Teacake Travels

Alice, from England, is the Queen of teaching English abroad. She’s taught English in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Austria, Poland, Germany and China. Phew! Besides being an expert on all things English Abroad, Alice is also a huge advocate for solo female travel. She has a whole series on Wander Women, interviewing solo female travelers around the world. Her viral post, about where to get an abortion in Asia, started an important conversation about contraceptive access for women world-wide. Check out her extremely useful 10 Ways to Travel Safely As a Woman.

5. Richelle of Adventures Around Asia

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Richelle from Adventures of Asia

Richelle is a solo female traveler based in, you guessed it, Asia! More specifically, she’s been having a love affair with China for the past two years. Currently living in Beijing, she recently got her Masters and is currently working with high schoolers to help them get into American schools. Richelle writes a lot about solo female travel, and I appreciate her personal confessional style in posts about breaking up with her boyfriend to travel the world and the need for feminism. She writes about uncomfortable topics that not many other bloggers are writing about in an honest way. Richelle is also a fellow coffee addict and food lover, so look to her blog for tons of amazing (and occasionally weird) dishes!

6. Sally of Passport and Plates

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Sally from Passport and Plates

Sally was “born in Ireland to Arab-Muslim parents, and raised in California,” so she had a multicultural understanding even before she left LA to pursue full-time travel. Now, after a 6-week trip around Europe, she is hooked on solo travel. Her post about her quarter life crisis is one that I really relate to. Also, as a fellow foodie, Sally focuses a lot on what to eat in every destination she travels to. Head on over to her blog to get info on everything from traveling with dietary restrictions to making friends while traveling solo.

7. Amy of The Wayfarer’s Book

solo female travelers
Photo courtesy of Amy from The Wayfarer’s Book

Amy is another non-single solo traveler, and a fellow New Yorker! In the last year she moved to Singapore with her boyfriend, using it as a base to travel around Southeast Asia for a few months. Then, she was one of those enterprising travelers from the USA to go to Cuba after it opened it’s borders! And most recently, she spent three weeks traveling solo through Mexico. That’s a lot of travel! And she’s not done yet, as she will soon be flying to Europe on a one-way ticket. Also, Her snap story is one that I always look forward to watching. Amy and I are BFFs on Snapchat, despite having never met in person, though I hope that changes soon! Oh, and she’s just as obsessed with donuts as I am. Need I say more?
I hope you’ve gotten some more inspiration to travel the world, even if you’re scared like I was to make the leap into solo travel as a woman.

I hope to make this a regular series, so leave me comments below nominating your favorite solo female travelers that I should follow!

Happy Exploring, Wherever You Are!

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  1. Aw, I hope we meet soon too! Funny how we were both in New York, then Central America — maybe Europe this summer will happen. 🙂 Can’t wait to see Nicaragua through your snaps!

    1. Right?? One of these days we will be in the same country at the same time 😛 European meetup this summer sounds awesome!! Likewise with the Ukraine! There will probably be a few less drunken backpackers there than in Nicaragua..but who knows?

  2. I follow some of these ladies so I’m so honored to be in this list next to these pretty awesome ladies! Thanks for including me, Eva! You’re pretty kickass yourself and it would be amazing to cross paths with you someday 🙂 Happy travels!

    1. Thank you, Erica for being such an inspiration! I hope when I come to the Philippines we could meet! Or maybe in another far flung corner of the world! 😀

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