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Well hello there, everyone! The last time we spoke I had just gotten back from my road trip around the USA, and before that 3 months in Central America. I announced that I was NOT moving back to NYC, and I would in fact be moving back in with my parents in Syracuse, NY for the summer. Everything has gone to plan, and I have been spending time Upstate, working my butt off in preparation for my next adventure. But before I talk about what that will entail, I want to do a little update on the future of Eva Explores:
Eva Explores

The Travel Blogger’s Conundrum

I think every travel blogger comes to a point where they hit a fork in the road. What kind of travel blog do I want to have? Purely informational, a straight up diary, or a blend of both? Up until now I have wavered between the two. I’ve given travel and destination advice as well as narrative on what I get up to when I travel.

Lately, I’ve been loving writing more confessional style pieces. Like the one I wrote about saying goodbye to NYC, the things I won’t miss about Central America, and my struggle with food.

I think I’ve hit upon why I love to travel and, more than that, why I love to write about it. I travel to find my place in the world, and learn more about myself. My healing and spiritual journey has been an ongoing process, and travel has been an integral part. I fully believe that travel can be just as much about finding your life’s purpose as it is about having fun and meeting people.
Eva Explores

What’s Next For Eva Explores

I want this to be a space where we can discuss what’s real. I will continue to dig deeper into the problems travel bring to my attention. Such as systemic inequality, environmental issues, and the problems women face around the globe. I am definitely no expert on these matters, so I want to bring in people who are to talk about them.

I’ll continue to write about what it means to be a solo female traveler, sharing fellow solo travelers to inspire you to live your dreams to the fullest.

However, there’s no denying that I still have TONS of straight up travel info, from my road trip, Central America, and even before this blog existed. The question is: is that something you want to read about?
Eva Explores
I know there are so many travel blogs out there now, and you could Google for days and find any information you want about any destination. Why should I rehash the same information over again? That’s what I’ve been struggling with.

Everyone and every traveler is different, though, and everyone’s experience with a destination varies. I will continue to share whatever information I compile about the places I travel to. Hopefully it can benefit a few of you out there.

I have SO much to write, so many photos to share, and a lot that I’ve learned. At this rate, it would take me a year to get caught up. Things have been pretty sporadic around here, and I want that to change.

So I am committing, right now, to posting two times a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will get a new post from me.
Eva Explores

Where I’ve Been

After returning from my road trip at the end of May, I have been laying low in Syracuse, my hometown. Aside from a trip to NYC for one of my best friend’s weddings, I have just been in one spot. It’s been extremely nice to have one bed to sleep in, I can say that for sure!

What has been keeping me so busy at home? Well, I got two new jobs! All that money I saved from nannying in NYC ran out somewhere in the middle of my road trip, and I was relying on credit cards to get me through. (Remember how little self control I have over food? Well, it’s the same for money)

I found two jobs, via the freelance website Upwork, that I can do from anywhere in the world. One of them is administrative in nature, but the other one is super exciting for me. I am the Blog Editor and Social Media Manager for a travel startup called WeTravel. I started interviewing for the position back when I was in Nicaragua, and was hired just in time to meet the WeTravel team at their home base in San Francisco when I was out there on my road trip.

Since getting these two jobs, I admit Eva Explores has been put on the back burner. I’ve been incredibly active on social media still, but posts have been few and far between as I try to balance working 40 hours a week with the passion project that is Eva Explores. I’m hoping that this new posting schedule will help keep me accountable.
Eva Explores

Where I’m Going

This balance is going to become even more precarious, because I’m leaving for Europe on August 5th!

As I wrote in my where am I going in 2016 post, I will be going to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child in London. I’ll be in London for my 27th birthday, too! Then I’m going to Helsinki, Finland to hang out with my friend Dave in his adopted home.

Come September, I’ll be gallivanting around Eastern Europe somewhere, no specific agenda yet. Then, in October, I am stepping foot on a new continent for me: ASIA!

I’ll be in The Philippines for my first ever TBEX (Travel Blogging Conference) in mid-October.

After that? Things are very fuzzy, but my family has been discussing coming to visit me for the holidays in Thailand!

I’ve become very commitment-phobic after spending three months going wherever the wind took me in Central America. Slow travel is definitely the way for me, especially as I’m now planning to work a full time job on the road.
Eva Explores

I Want To Hear From You!

This blog is as much yours, the reader, as it is mine. I want to write content that YOU want to read. I get a lot of questions about my lifestyle since I left to travel, how I make money, as well as tips for what to do in the places I’ve been.

If you have any (kind) suggestions for me, let me know in the comments!

Also, as I’ve led a former life as an actress, I am going to start incorporating a lot more video into my journey. I already love taking you around with me on Snapchat (add me @evaeec if you haven’t already!) but I would also love to film something with a bit more longevity. In addition to that, a friend and I have been brainstorming our own web series relating to travel…so definitely stay tuned!

Happy Exploring, Wherever You Are!

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  1. Let me know if you’re going to be in Thailand in January! I’m going to start my year of travels on Sept 20th and start in Europe and make my way to SE asia in Jan. Would love to meet up 🙂


    1. I probably will be in Thailand in January!! I will definitely let you know for sure, though! That’s super exciting about your trip, where in Europe will you be going?

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