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Welcome back to another round of solo female travelers to follow! When I first started this series, I wanted to share some amazing solo female travelers who were writing about their experiences.

As much as we on the Internet may think that being a solo female traveler is totally accepted now, I’ve run into the opposite. People ask me if I feel unsafe traveling alone. People wonder where my boyfriend or husband is. People think I must be rich or my parents must be footing the bill. I want to show these people that women from all kinds of backgrounds are traveling by themselves.

Also, I get a lot of people who tell me they “wish they could do what I’m doing.” Maybe they’re afraid of the unknown or anxious about being out in the world by themselves. I totally understand, because I once felt those things.

One thing that helped soothe my fears was reading about women who were already doing the things I dreamed of doing. Hence, compiling a list each month of 7 spirited solo female travelers to follow. I hope these 7 travelers inspire you, even if you have no desire to travel the world by yourself, to embrace the unknown and go for what you want.

7 More Spirited Solo Female Travelers To Follow

1. Taylor of Taylor’s Tracks

female travelers to follow
Photo Courtesy of Taylor from Taylor’s Tracks
Taylor first caught my eye with posts like is travel selfish? (a topic I had been thinking a lot about myself) and I’m not using my degree, and that’s okay (any other Bachelor of Music degree holders out there??) Her posts never fail to provoke thoughts about the way we travel. Taylor, from Canada, has been backpacking around the world and writing about her decision to do so as a Millennial. One thing I really appreciate is Taylor’s emphasis on community. She regularly collaborates with other female travel bloggers, like when she did a round up of travel snapchat tips (which I contributed to). Next up? Another round in Southeast Asia. Follow along on Taylor’s journey as she makes mistakes so we can learn from them!

2. France of First Class is a Lesson

female travelers to follow
Photo courtesy of France from First Class is a Lesson
France is using her solo travels to bring awareness to important issues and actively protest inquality. The first post I read of hers was a thought provoking article about exoticism and tourism in Bocas del Toro, a place we coincidentally were visiting at the same time. In fact, we both took classes at Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro AND Boquete (recognize Mr. Tito’s coffee farm?) After reading that first post, I fell down the rabbit hole and spent hours reading through her stories. France, who has a Master’s Degree in International Development and Conflict Resolution, has been offering her unique voice to combat systemic inequality around the world. Of course, whenever someone stands against the status quo there is bound to be backlash, and France has shared openly about her experiences. Follow France, currently in Panama City, for more eye opening insights about what it’s like to be a black woman abroad.

3. Dani of Globetrotter Girls

female travelers to follow
Photo courtesy of Dani from Globetrotter Girls
Dani and I connected on Snapchat as we both traveled in Central and South America, respectively. Dani, originally from Germany, has been traveling and blogging about her experiences since April 2010! How has she managed to stay on the road so long? Through a combination of renting vacation apartments and housesitting. Dani actually spent 5 whole months living for free in NYC in exchange for pet sitting. How crazy amazing is that?? Dani also focuses on giving travel tips for LGBT travelers, such as writing about traveling solo as a lesbian, where the biggest nuisance may not be the demographic you’d think. Currently, Dani is back in her beloved NYC, preparing for some huge changes to the way she travels. Go follow her adventures to be the first to know!

4. Maria of LatinAbroad

female travelers to follow
Photo Courtesy of Maria from LatinAbroad
Maria has been traveling all over the world, working as a Spanish translator, since leaving her native Puerto Rico. She has traveled to over 30 countries across 5 continents. On her blog she shares money-saving tips like how to couchsurf and what to cook in a hostel kitchen. She also writes about cultural topics from each destination she visits, with a strong food focus. Now that’s a mission I can get behind! Speaking of missions, Maria recently went on a cruise with Fathom Impact Travel where she was able to volunteer teaching English in the Dominican Republic. Go learn more about Maria’s fascinating story here (she blogs in English and Spanish!)

5. Nikki of Where is Noodles

female travelers to follow
Photo Courtesy of Nikki from Where Is Noodles
Nikki is a solo traveler from Nottingham, England with the most amazing accent in the world and an incurable wanderlust. In 2014 she left her “normal” life for a trip around the world. She made her way from Great Britain to Africa, the USA to Oceania, and back to Africa. Tanzania, where she volunteered for 7 weeks, holds a special place in her heart. Now she’s back in England, trying not to become a travel bore, and dreaming of travel. In the meantime, you can catch her on snapchat, where she’s endlessly entertaining to watch, whether she’s stealing her Dad’s chocolate or talking about planning her next trip.

6. Nam of Laugh Travel Eat


female travelers to follow
Photo courtesy of Nam from Laugh Travel Eat
Nam, from Hong Kong, has experience traveling in a variety of ways. From her solo trip around Europe, to group travel and traveling with her sister, she has tips for every kind of traveler. Her tips on how not to be an annoying tourist are essential for anyone going to a European hot spot. Nam has recently moved back to Hong Kong, after spending most of her formative years living and going to school in England. Now you can count on Nam for up to date information on her hometown, along with her best tips for how to enjoy your own solo Eurotour.

7. Colby of World of a Wanderer


female travelers to follow
Photo courtesy of Colby from World of a Wanderer
Colby orginially started traveling in college with a program called Camp Adventure, where she got to be a Camp Counselor at an American Military Base in Germany. Now she’s combining her passion for teaching and travel working as an English Tutor in South Korea. She is a self-described wanderer who proudly states, “I’m just taking the scenic route, I’ll get there eventually.” The scenic route is my favorite route, so I can totally relate to Colby’s M.O. Check out her wanderlist, which she’s been crossing items off as she moves out of her comfort zone and tries new things. In addition to travel confessions, Colby also has a plethora of planning tips from where to go in one month in Southeast Asia and 36 hours in Ho Chi Minh City. Go check out her page to see where she’ll wander off to next!


female travelers to follow
Hey, look at that! I’m a solo female traveler, too! Since leaving New York City in November, I’ve been living the nomadic life. I’ve spent time in Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and recently returned from a road trip all across the USA. If you enjoy reading about the explorations of a solo female traveler trying to find herself and her place in the world, you should subscribe to get my posts delivered to your e-mailbox!

Also, I’m in the process of writing a guide to One Month in Panama for the First Time Solo Traveler. It’s everything I wish I knew before planning my first solo trip and tips & tricks for when you’re on the road. If you subscribe you’ll be the first one to get this guide!

Happy Exploring, Wherever You Are!

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  1. I LOVE this list! I backpacked through Central America too, back in 2011! I need to go back and REAL soon! Too bad I blew my budget already (ha). Keep rockin it Eva!

    1. Thanks, Joy!!! Where did you go in Central America? Funny enough, I was super hesitant to make Central America the first place I went as a solo backpacker. But it turned out to be amazing, and I met so many other solo female travelers, too! I feel you on the whole blowing your budget thing, lol. But here’s to both of us having abundant summers!!

  2. Fantastic post! I’ve actually met more solo female travelers than solo male travelers since I’ve started traveling solo this year! I love reading about such adventurous women.


    1. Thanks, Sarah! I totally agree! I was totally not expecting to meet so many solo female travelers in Central America. That’s why I like creating these lists, so people who have yet to bite the solo travel bullet don’t feel so alone!

  3. So many lovely ladies that I have the pleasure of knowing thanks to the world of female travel blogging! I love solo travel and even though I have a boyfriend (who I met while we were both traveling solo), I will travel solo and will continue to do so. I have found that traveling solo is so much more than “taking a trip” – you open yourself up to so many experiences and learn to trust yourself. It has really made me value my skills as a person and strengths as a traveler. Been loving all your posts Eva and looking forward to what you do next!
    Chantell Collins recently posted…Surfing paradise in El Tunco, El SalvadorMy Profile

    1. Yay! The world of female travel blogging is, indeed, amazing! Super grateful to have met some like minded ladies! I love that you still travel solo! I agree that it’s super important to take that time for yourself to see that you have the skills and confidence you need to make it out there in the world. I always have about a billion personal realizations on a solo trip as well. Thank you for your kind words, that really means so much to me!! 😀

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