The Introvert’s Guide To Travel

Introvert Travel Guide

One of my biggest struggles throughout my travels has been deciphering the things I actually really want to do from the ones I feel like I “should” do. When I first got the itch to travel full time, I was bombarded by articles and videos of young, fun-loving (usually quite attractive) people gallivanting around the […]

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The Light Sleeper’s Guide To Travel

traveling as a light sleeper

Are you one of those people who can sleep through anything, get a solid 4-5 hours and be ready for another day of travel ahead? Congratulations, you have won the travel lottery! Now get off this page! If, however, you are a hopelessly light sleeper like me, this guide is for you. Traveling as a […]

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The Baltics Photo Diary: Vilnius, Riga & Tallinn

baltics vilnius photo

What are The Baltics? Well, they are three countries in northeastern Europe that border, you guessed it, the Baltic Sea! The three countries are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (going from west to east). They are all three relatively young countries, having gained independence from Soviet Rule in just about the same number of years as […]

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