A Weekend Trip To Delaware Water Gap

a weekend trip to Delaware Water Gap

Breathtaking beauty, off-roading adventures, and small town charm. Does that sentence sound to you like I’m describing New Jersey and Pennsylvania? If not, then prepare to be surprised! I lived in New Jersey for 5 years, and yet even I was surprised to discover another side to this underrated state. As for Pennsylvania, having grown […]

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Top 6 Things to Do in Cincinnati, OH on the Ultimate USA Road Trip

Things To Do In Cincinnati

My first stop, after leaving my hometown of Syracuse, New York, on my ultimate USA road trip was Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been to Cincinnati a few times over the past few years because my younger brother lives there! My brother lives in a neighborhood called Over The Rhine. This is a strange, but interesting […]

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A (Two) Day Trip To The Berkshires

Day Trip to the Berkshires

Have you ever been to the Berkshires in Southwest Massachusetts? One beautiful fall day, a couple friends and I decided to go on a day trip to the Berkshires from NYC. It was prime fall foliage time, and we wanted to do some hiking.     One of my friends, Sadie of Sadie’s Been There (pictured […]

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