Do You Want To Go To Summer Camp For Your Mind & Spirit?

  Did you go to summer camp as a child? I never did. I did a couple weeks of Girl Scout Day Camp as a kid, but that was about it. There was one summer I almost convinced my family and myself that I wanted to go to a traditional […]

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ultimate usa road trip

How To Go On The Ultimate USA Road Trip 16

  We’ve already discussed how to save money on a road trip, and exactly what I spent on the first 15 days of my road trip around the USA. This post is going to focus on my entire 6-week road trip and how you can go on an Ultimate USA […]

The Future of Eva Explores 1

Well hello there, everyone! The last time we spoke I had just gotten back from my road trip around the USA, and before that 3 months in Central America. I announced that I was NOT moving back to NYC, and I would in fact be moving back in with my […]

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Healthy While Traveling

Can You Be Healthy While Traveling? 6

There are so many posts going around about ‘how to be be healthy on the road‘ or ‘stay healthy while traveling.’ In general, health has been the latest buzzword. How to get healthy and stay healthy. I follow everything with rapt attention. My problem isn’t that I don’t know how […]

How To Save Money On Your Solo Road Trip 22

How To Save Money On Your Solo Road Trip It’s always been a dream of mine to go on a road trip across the USA. And this past April, that’s exactly what I did! I took 15 days to drive from Cincinnati, Ohio to Los Angeles, California. And I did […]

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female travelers to follow

7 MORE Spirited Solo Female Travelers 10

  Welcome back to another round of solo female travelers to follow! When I first started this series, I wanted to share some amazing solo female travelers who were writing about their experiences. As much as we on the Internet may think that being a solo female traveler is totally […]

Things I Won’t Miss About Central America 12

  A few weeks ago I wrote about all the things I would miss from my 3 months in Central America. They were all true. Yet, as anyone who has explored one region for a longer period of time can attest, you’re not always going to love everything about everywhere […]

things I won't miss about central america

Saying Goodbye to NYC

Why I’m Saying Goodbye To NYC (For Now!) 24

I’ve been reading the book, Goodbye To All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York. In it, women talk about their experience moving to The Big City, and then eventually saying goodbye to NYC. As I’ve recently said “Goodbye” to NYC, at least for now, I thought I would […]

14 Things I Will Miss About Central America 12

  I’m in a chicken bus, rattling down the road. To my right, a mother and her child sit. In the aisle, more people stand, holding on to anything they can grab for stability. There are people everywhere. I didn’t know that it was possible for so many people to […]

Things I Will Miss About Central America

San Jose, Costa Rica is worth a visit

Surprised in San Jose 26

San Jose, Costa Rica IS Worth A Visit As soon as I entered Costa Rica I started hearing it. San Jose? Don’t go there. There’s nothing to do. It’s a total dump. If there’s any possible way you can AVOID San Jose, do it! Not exactly a glowing review. This […]

Wanderlust Wednesday – Where I’ve Been 2

Wanderlust Wednesday Another month has passed, and it’s now April! April is one of my favorite months. Having grown up in the Northeast, where winter is never ending, April signifies the beginning of spring. Or, occasionally, the continuation of winter, seeing as it snowed the other day in my hometown […]

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female travelers

7 More Spirited Solo Female Travelers To Follow 6

7 More Spirited Solo Female Travelers To Follow I loved sharing with you 7 of my favorite solo female travelers last month, so I thought I’d share 7 more this month! I’ve met so many inspirational women traveling by themselves here in Central America (some of whom I would love […]

The Tired Traveler’s Guide To Puerto Viejo 10

  What To Do In Puerto Viejo I don’t feel qualified to talk about what to do in Puerto Viejo.     Why?     I only spent three days there.     And I spent a majority of that time searching for wifi, eating, and working.     I […]

What to Do in Puerto Viejo